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QQ Messenger

QQ Messenger International 1.6

Complete IM client with cute design and great features

QQ Messenger may not sound familiar, but it's the most popular IM client in China.When you think about IM clients, the first names that come to your head are Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and the likes. But have you ever heard of QQ...
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  • BD-Speedy Tech

    by BD-Speedy Tech

    itsvery easy to use. you also can use. Thanks a lot to tencent tech.

  • Haritsai Boonnark

    by Haritsai Boonnark

    Great. I have been dowloading file through QQ and it is fast.

  • constance chiminsa soneka

    by constance chiminsa soneka

    Best. best & unique. am loving it and its simple . hoping to learn

  • Norma Linda

    by Norma Linda

    exiting. I think I'm want to try this application for finding some friend

  • by Anonymous

    i want to use this site. i think is a good site i will like to meet people true this

  • by Anonymous

    spyware. Never use any chat or social messenger software that comes from mainland China. Full of spyware and various other nice little tools so their government can monitor you too! Pros: Its convenient to use in China, but only because most other real messengers like MSN or GoogleTalk were blocked or severely hampered. Cons: nees to be free of spyware, malware and various tools used to monitor an More

  • by Anonymous

    QQ. South Africa dose it still work.. i used in 2006 and now want to download it to see if I could find my old friends. I go on to but when I click download the page can't be find.

  • by Anonymous

    Nice Way To Communicate with Family. I like this program. I can talk with my cousins and family members and friends that are all the way in China while I am in New York, USA. It's nice catching up with my family since I do not visit China often. Pros: - Easy to use for first time users - Can talk with random strangers in group - Can use in the USA, Mexico, and Caribbeans. Cons: - My built-into-l More

  • by Anonymous

    Problem adding contact. My friend has problem adding me as a QQ contact on her Iphone QQ. It found my contact albeit with the number ID and not nickname [annoying !] She found me on the Iphone QQ but couldnt add me. Says I have to confirm and verify her as a friend. However on my QQ Ipad or desktop QQ, I couldnt see the confirmation message. Pros: Ipad and Iphone compatible. Cons: Adding Contacts. More

  • by Anonymous

    64-Bit System installation problems. This software for installation seems to be very unfriendly! I am running Windows 7 Pro in 64-bit system. This software does not want to be compatible. Any ideas?

  • by Anonymous

    Doesn't work on Vista - Malware Suspicious. Not liking Windows Live Messenger since the latest version integrated facebook and also has alot of security holes so I\'ve been looking for a program that has a good looging system that isn\'t an eyesore like most other loggers that logs line for line where as msn uses a neat table to log, so was hoping to try QQ out and see what it\'s logging system wa More

  • by Anonymous

    Forget my passpowd. Can anyone tell me how can I know my QQ password? I forget it and I can't access now. It make problem for me to communicate with my Chinese friends regularly. I also forge the security question. Please if have any idea inform me as per request. Thanks.

  • by Anonymous

    Problems signing in - HELP. Hi, I have forgotten my password, I can´t recuperate it as I don´t have a security question, I wasn´t asked one when I registered so I only have my ID number, can someone please help me. Thanks. Milly

  • by Anonymous

    4/5. LOOK: As first i liked simplyness of graphics...Icons are grait for a change but too Chinese style,but news and feed too because he was built for Chinese use at first place...But i like it,dont know if someone else would too...I used icons that look like Counter Strike characters...Themes are verry inovative and relaxing...except one darker. Account: I have not created new account becaus More