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QQ Messengerhelp and info

  • Can I register a QQ Messenger account outside of China?

    Yes. Though at one point a Chinese phone number was absolutely required to use QQ, Tencent QQ now provides a registration page in English. As of this writing, it is possible to use this page to register a QQ account, which can then be used with the international version of the QQ Messenger app.

  • How do I change the app's language?

    To change your language on the International version of the QQ app, tap Settings at the bottom, then select Language. For older or region-specific versions of QQ Messenger, you must instead download the version that matches your desired language.

  • How do I translate conversations?

    QQ International will automatically translate non-local languages by default. This behaviour can be changed under the Language settings tab.

  • How do I add a friend on QQ?

    Under the main menu, select Find Friends, then People You May Know, and search for that person's QQ number. You must use their QQ number rather than any name associated with their account.

  • How does QQ's premium membership work?

    QQ International does not offer several of the premium membership options that versions of QQ local to China do. However, it uses roughly the same membership scheme. There are several differently coloured diamonds that users can purchase. On QQ International, users can purchase VIP membership, which removes advertisements from the app.

  • What are the differently coloured diamonds for?

    Each type of diamond represents a different package of features for the user purchasing it. Many diamonds, such as the blue, purple and black diamonds, provide bonuses in Tencent QQ games. Yellow grants access to features in the Qzone blogging service, Green to the QQ music streaming service, and Red to user customization features such as coloured usernames.

  • How do I use QQ Music?

    QQ Music is normally only available in China. The easiest way to use it is to download the separate QQ Music app, though some of its features are a part of QQ Messenger. To use it outside of China, you will need a VPN.

  • Can you share your screen in QQ?

    As of this writing, QQ Messenger does not offer the ability to share all or part of your screen in any way. Other instant messengers, such as Skype, provide this option instead.

  • Can I use my QQ ID on WeChat?

    You can use a QQ ID to register a separate ID for Tencent's other chat app, WeChat, though only some QQ IDs will work. The only other option as of this writing is to use a Chinese phone number to register for WeChat.

  • How do I remove Tencent QQ from my computer?

    Some computers from China and its neigbbouring regions are bundled with older versions of QQ Messenger. To remove an installation of QQ Messenger completely on Windows, where this occurs, the software itself must be uninstalled via the Control Panel, followed by removing any QQ browser extensions, and finally all folders used by QQ.